What is Dynamic Judgement-formation®

Opposites can be found everywhere, from the Parliament to the living room. Before you know it, a conversation flies in all directions and nobody knows what it’s about anymore. Responding from primary reactions, often prejudice or your own stories, stands in the way of dialogue. Meetings and conversations take unnecessarily long, the outcome of the conversation is mediocre and human relationships come under pressure.

  • “That’s typical Rob again, always too late!”
  • “What a bad text, it doesn’t look like anything!”
  • “Eight more items on the agenda… that’ll be night work again…”
  • “Oh yeah, now that you mention it. That reminds me of what I just went through.”

Working with Dynamic Judgement-formation makes you aware of your primary reactions and the underlying (pre)judgements and feelings. By asking yourself questions, you objectify your primary reactions to clear conclusions and realistic decisions. This gives inner peace, room for inspiration and innovative insights. In conversations and meetings the application of Dynamic Judgement-formation makes you aware of the judgement  processes that take place within yourself and others. By keeping back your pre-judgments you are able to enter into a good dialogue with others in terms of content and procedure. Your performance becomes more effective.

Dynamic Judgement-formation® is a very flexible process-instrument for increasing productivity of our communication so that groups and organizations can best explore and resolve issues.

Dynamic Judgement-formation® utilizes the nonlinear quality of our natural conversation and is based on the dialogue principles of inquiry and reflection. By ‘staying in the question’ a safe environment is created for the participants to listen to and help each other access the information needed for balanced and integrated decision-making. Complexity is ordered, misunderstanding and confusion are ‘put on the table’. The process allows participants to experience their strengths and weaknesses and to develop more flexible patterns in themselves.

It is a powerful tool for improving all areas of business, such as problem solving, sales calls, customer contact, performance reviews and meetings, as well as an ‘overall’ concept for Management Development. It has been successfully used as an organization wide intervention for change. And it has been used for intra-, as well as inter-, group conflict resolution.

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